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ICB Asset Management Company Ltd. a subsidiary of Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB), commenced its journey on 5th December, 2000 with the objective of professionally managing investment funds. The Company offers different types of investment schemes where savings are pooled for investment in the capital market. These schemes are designed to hand out best possible benefits to the investors at the lowest possible risk. Investment in the securities market, for that matter any investment, carries risk. But there are many techniques to reduce such risk. The Company is managed by a group of experts who have the necessary skills, knowledge and aptitude not only to handle risk but also to ensure optimum return taking into consideration the environment prevailing in the market. We, at ICB Asset Management Company Ltd., are in a unique position to handle risk-return profile of an investment efficiently and prudently. You can let us manage your investments. We advise you to read and understand the contents of each and every scheme offered by us before investing in those schemes. The prospectuses are available and you can view or download the prospectus from our website. You may also consult your banker, broker, investment manager and financial advisor for better understanding. You can also keep yourself update on the performance of the funds just by clicking the various options. We are now managing twenty three funds - ten close-end Mutual Fund and thirteen open-end Mutual Fund known as Unit Fund. Some more new funds are in the offing.
                                   Re-fixation of Price
Name of The Funds Face Value Effective From Sale Price (Tk.) Re-Pruchase Price (Tk.)
Bangladesh Fund 100.00 Aug 01, 2017 100.00 97.00
ICB AMCL Unit Fund 100.00 Apr 15, 2018 230.00 225.00
ICB AMCL Pension Holders' Unit Fund 100.00 Nov 26, 2017 197.00 192.00
ICB AMCL Converted First Unit Fund 10.00 Aug 01, 2017 10.00 09.70
ICB AMCL Islamic Unit Fund 10.00 Aug 01, 2017 10.30 10.00
First ICB Unit Fund 10.00 Feb 04, 2018 10.40 10.10
Second ICB Unit Fund 10.00 Feb 04, 2018 11.00 10.70
Third ICB Unit Fund 10.00 Feb 04, 2018 11.60 11.30
Fourth ICB Unit Fund 10.00 Feb 04, 2018 11.10 10.80
Fifth ICB Unit Fund 10.00 Feb 04, 2018 11.30 11.00
Sixth ICB Unit Fund 10.00 Feb 04, 2018 12.30 12.00
Seventh ICB Unit Fund 10.00 Feb 04, 2018 12.40 12.10
Eighth ICB Unit Fund 10.00 Feb 04, 2018 11.20 10.90
Prime Fin Price Sensitive 2018
Closed End Price Sensitive 2018
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